AppSumo is a goldmine of valuable bargains for entrepreneurs. Like anything that involves risk, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose — but a fantastic investment can offset several poor ones by spreading out the inherent risk of buying a lifetime deal from an unproven startup.

Pros and Cons


  • Access — Internet apps offer access to customers on a wide range of devices, regardless of operating system, via the browser.
  • Ease of Updates — Developers make modifications to a common code base, so upgrades are easy. And programmers can push updates to some host quickly for immediate visibility across all of the devices.
  • Better Discovery on Search Engines — Web apps are displayed in search results (think: Google), so anybody can locate them. This is largely because of only needing to construct 1 form of a web app to serve all functioning systems.
  • Traffic from Website — Visitors to your site can be sent to a own app on mobile devices, with no need to download whatever.
  • Faster Speed to promote — Web apps don’t have to be approved by app shops and marketplaces, so it is faster to get them to market.


  • Restricted Mobile Device Feature Accessibility — Internet programs offer limited ability to get a mobile device’s native features like camera and location services.
  • Stability — Variations in web browsers can sometimes cause difficulties in running the net app without problems. That is why it’s crucial to budget for routine updates.
  • No Offline Availability — Web programs are dependent online for use, so they’re not available when a user does not have WiFi or Mobile accessibility.
  • No Program Store or Google Play Access — Users will not find the program on marketplaces, in which they are used to finding them. So they may not be aware of accessibility.

5 Best Appsumo Deals

Deal                                                   Name                         Sort    Lifetime Price

ReMasterMedia                Audio Enhancement                                      $59

ShortPixel                                          Image Compressor                                         $49

Swipe Pages                      Landing Page Builder                                     $49

WiserNotify                       Social Proof                                                     $69

LiveWebinar                  Webinar Platform                            $99

App Sumo deals summary details December 2020 (Haigh Rating app)

1. Airmeet — Host interactive digital events with a suite of resources to community and build relations.

2. Hexowatch — Monitor some webpage for visualcontent, and technology modifications to keep your eye on competitors.

3. ReMasterMedia — Optimize all of your audio and movie documents to get an expert, studio-quality finish.

4. Berrycast — Supercharge your communications together with movie, using a simple display recording app

5. WiserNotify — Deliver customizable social proof notifications to increase credibility and amp up your earnings.

6. Yay Images — An infinite library of high-quality and royalty-free content.

7. Pixelied — Produce scroll-stopping images with a full-featured layout suite that’s simple for anybody to use.

8. Coming Shortly & Maintenance Mode — Produce and manage custom Coming Soon and upkeep pages in no time.

9. Hey Oliver: Engage visitors and convert prospects with customized, customized advertising campaigns.

10. Build Bubbles — Switch your WordPress posts into podcasts without microphone or some other installment.

11. StackBy — This instrument has everything you want to plan, organize, and automate your job.12. ShortPixel — Among the very best WordPress plugins for automatic image compression.

13. Wave.video — A full-featured video editing suite included with hundreds of templates and +200 million media assets that lets you produce videos super quickly.

14. Tyle — Create high quality distinctive content (societal video and picture ) within only a couple of clicks.

15. HowtoMake a $1,000 a Month Business Course — A revolutionary online class which will help you to turn your idea into a thriving small business.

16. Socialmonials — Become a social networking superstar with automated posting, viral giveaways, and advanced metrics.

17. WPReset — Reset, recuperate, and rebrand your own WordPress site very quickly.

Final Thoughts

Every tool in Briefcase was carefully chosen and vetted from the AppSumo team. Rather than spending $25-50/month on one tool, you can spend $49/month through Briefcase and enjoy lifetime access to some of the best and most unique business tools on the market.