What’s ThemeForest?

In ThemeForest you are able to purchase and sell HTML templates in addition to themes for popular CMS products such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Things are priced to the sophistication, quality and usage of this document; the complete cost also comes with a Buyer Fee. ThemeForest is a part of this seven-property Envato Market household (merged in 2014), which also contains the currently extremely popular WordPress plugin market,

How do ThemeForest work?

ThemeForest makes your task easier with filters immediately. In the search bar, you may look up a phrase linked to the form of your business, so the search engine shows you themes made especially for this. You may sort them best fit, best sellers, latest, best rated, trending and by price.

The’best sellers’ choice is excellent for men and women that want a theme that is certified great and is still bought several occasions. If individuals bought a motif a hundred occasions, it must be really good (think of all the individuals who recommended it for their friends or those who have seen their competition use a similar person ).

On the left, you will find categories, tags you can use, price choice, rating, software versions, and programs topics are compatible with.

All themes have previews and descriptions about what they contain, for example what kinds of companies they’re created for, the number of pages they havethe plugins they feature, in short, their noteworthy attributes. Pretty good, isn’t it?

Getting Started: Finding a Theme

With so many themes to choose from, narrowing down your selection is hard — I know from personal experience that it is all too easy to spend several hours (even days!) Staring blankly at countless unique topics.

But, ThemeForest comes equipped with a number of characteristics that will help you to find your perfect theme.

For a start, ThemeForest supports a useful search function, allowing you to locate topics based on your keywords. Themes can also be divided across 14 top-level classes (corporate topics, blogging themes, eCommerce themes, and so on), which should allow you to locate something suitable.

After you have performed your first search (or class choice ), ThemeForest will return a long list of relevant themes. To help you to narrow your search further, you’ll be able to sort these based on five criteria listed above the search results:

  • Best vendors
  • Newest
  • Greatest rated
  • Trending
  • Price

To help to trim your listing even further, ThemeForest also offers a user-friendly filtering system, which you’ll see to the left of the primary theme results listing. It is possible to filter the list based on:

  • Category
  • Tags
  • Cost
  • Revenue
  • Overall rating
  • Date added
  • Software version (more helpful for non-WordPress templates)
  • Compatibility (e.g. topics that are WooCommerce-compatible)

Having sorted and filtered your listing based upon your requirements, you need to then be operating with a far more manageable number of topics.

Of course, if you truly don’t have time for all that (or if you have already tried and, for any reason, got nowhere), then you could always jump to ThemeForest’s present best-sellers page, or check out a few of the top writers’ portfolios by finding the top-selling themes and clicking on the author names that show up in the righthand sidebar.

The Drawbacks of ThemeForest

When some topics have great ratings and great reviews, it is easy to be duped and pay for a theme that is not well coded and does not have any flexibility, especially in the event that you don’t have the understanding. Flashy stuff attracts the attention and often if we are not sure what we actually want, we can readily get tricked and lose money.

Stop losing money because the site is badly coded!

Badly coded topics are regrettably common on all these websites, and the terrible code may make it harder for you to edit your own website. And so, I warmly suggest exercising caution when purchasing a theme.

Last thoughts

ThemeForest is a great website for WordPress themes that provides a number of filtering options and over 47.000 templates and themes. There are topics for a myriad of businesses with a lot of features made by programmers who are frequently active and try to assist people who are having issues with their subjects.

When choosing a motif , make sure the reviews are great and that it’s compatible with a stage that provides the plugins which you would like to install on your own website.